At Brazos Music Group, we have a varied curriculum that will help move you toward accomplishing your goals.

Piano For Adults 1Piano For Adults 2

The Bastien Piano for Adults Books 1 and 2 are crucial in helping the beginning student learn to read music and understand basic music concepts.

Journeys in Music

Journeys in Music teaches students at every level basic theory and an understanding of scales and chord building that will allow the student to use chord lead sheets to very quickly learn to play basic piano accompaniments. This part of the learning track helps the student to begin to play with rock, pop, country and worship bands more quickly.


The Keyboard Players Chord Bible allows students to see all the chords written in multiple inversions for every key. 

Blues and Jazz Complete

Blues and Jazz Complete is an incredible course for the Intermediate Student who wants to learn the basics of Blues and Jazz.  Easy, step by step instruction, including a CD of all songs presented in the book, enable the student to learn this unique style of music.

Macfarren Scale and Arpeggio ManualCCF04032014_0004

Macfarren’s Scale and Arpeggio Manual and Hanon’s “The Virtuoso Pianist” are two classics that enable the Intermediate and Advanced piano student to excel in their playing.

Additional materials such as classical pieces, modern classics and current hits are added to each students’ learning track to help them achieve their goals.